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Apr 06, 2020 Apr 06, 2020

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there are several topics like this but no clear answer.

Is there a way (API, whatever) beside "local copy" to download the database with pictures saved in cloudy lightroom?


My issue:

I am not using lightroom cc.

I have 123 GB of photos in cloudy lightroom ("only" the family-database).

I had a little computer (NUC) running with just lightroom installed saving local copies, as there was no other way to backup the database of cloudy lightroom. Once a year or so I made a copy of thoss local copies to  a 3.5 HDD and put this drive to the bank (Sounds crazy but a friend had his MAC and TM stolen once and his family-database was gone. Ok he had no cloud backup back then, but I hope you get the point). The little computer broke down and I am thinking of getting a new one. But before I want to be sure:


Is there still no other way to backup the database from the cloud? We all know from IT crowd: The internet is just a box and if someone drops it... just kidding. But I am not the only one with this questions. Refering to my first sentence.


Setting local copies to a USB drive and plug it in every time I start lightroom is an option, but I will forget the USB drive when going on business travel and then I am not able to work a little on the family database at night. So I do not like this option. What came in my mind is using a SD card instead...


Thanks in advance for a making-sense answer.

You may keep it nerdy, I am an IT guy and also grown up sometimes.

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