Best Practices for Creative Cloud Files Location, and Concerns with Number of Syncing Files

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Oct 03, 2020 Oct 03, 2020

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I'll keep this explaination simple, though this process has been anything but...


I have ~4300 photos and videos and use Lightroom Classic.  About 3,800 of them are available on


1. I'd like to understand what the best practices are for syncing my Creative Cloud files due to the limiations Lightroom has with videos. Should I just not even upload videos to Lightroom and use some other product? I have 4k drone footage with some files larger than 4GB. I manually uploaded them via, which was painful, but when they were done it didn't quite sync up with what is in my Drone Videos folder in Lightroom Classic.


2. Also, where should I place my Creative Cloud files on my SSD? Currently, it is in C:/Users/my_user_name/Creative Cloud Files, and the problem is that now CC is trying to sync nearly 15,000 files (now down to about 9,000 for some reason). I moved them because having them in the Pictures folder caused an enormous nightmare with OneDrive syncing some files constantly because of catalog changes.


3. I don't understand what is happening, because the actual folder itself has only about 7,300 objects, including all the actual photos and videos and those "catalog previews".  Will CC try to actually double-sync my photos and videos, doubling my storage on the cloud?


Help would be appreciated.  I have a case in with Adobe that is being escalated for related syncing issues with no resolution yet.

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