Cloud Sync across devices doesn't work

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Mar 15, 2020 Mar 15, 2020

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I have a folder with 55 pictures stored in the cloud and they appear as expected using LR on the desktop. 

55 photos in the folder in the cloud55 photos in the folder in the cloud

The software indicates that everything is synchronized and backed up as confirmed by this screenshot:

Syncd and backed up status.PNG

As I understand it, the fee I pay each month pays for software that is supposed to synchronize photos across all my devices.  Here is that same folder displayed on my iPhone client signed in with the same account.  ONLY 1 of 55 pictures appears (and several months have gone by allowing time to synchronize).  


1 picture in folder.PNG  
The software does not indicate there are any errors or problems with syncing on the mobile device:

Also syncd and backed up.PNG

Sync to the mobile device isn't working. There are no errors or messages indicating what might be followed up next. 


I understand thousands of users have similar problems and I have tried several suggestions posted elsewhere including deleting all synchronized data - twice.  After the deleting all synchronized data the next sync runs and synchronizes another subset of pictures across devices but leaves other folders only partially synchronized as in the example explained here. 


I don't mean to be sarcastic or negative, but the only part aspect of the synchronization that works consistently is the monthly credit card charge from Adobe. Is there any way of getting reliability out of the synchronization process that others have come up with?









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