Collaborative proofing challenges

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Oct 29, 2020 Oct 29, 2020

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I recognize that the "collaborative proofing" feature in the Lightroom Web version is a tech preview right now, but I'd very much like to start using it, however, a few missing features or bugs seem to be getting in the way:


- anonymous reporter support - I don't dislike the idea of a user needing to create an adobe account to submit proof selections, but it would be nice if anonymous submissions were allowed... perhaps limiting the number of them.  It seems like it would lower the friction of getting collaborators or customers to use the feature if they didn't have to create an account.

- image sort order bug - right now, the images seem to be presented in some kind of random order.  They don't match the sequence of the images in the collection that I sync'd to the cloud from my Lightroom Classic, and there is no option to sort by filename, capture order, or anything else for the end user.  In a large gallery of images the sequence may be critical to making effective selections so *some* capacity to dictate the order that the reviewer sees must be provided.

mobile device support - I haven't done a lot of testing, but when I shared the proofing link with one reporter, they opened up the link on their iPhone and reported to me that they were able to look at the link but unable to make selections.  They said they didn't even see the checkboxes.   When I tested on my own Android device in the Chrome browser it seemed to work fine so long as I was logged in with an Adobe account in the browser.

"Save" and "Submit" buttons - I recognize that the application is background-saving your selections and syncing to the cloud as you make them, so the proofing user doesn't need to do anything to save the selections made so far, and also doesn't need to do anything to submit them to the owner of the lightroom album... however that seems counterintuitive to many users.  Many users, myself included, would like to be able to hit a button that says Save, so that they know that their selections are saved.  They would like to be able to hit a Submit button, to perhaps communicate to the owner of the Album that their selections are complete, and to alert them to go have a look at the selections.  


Please let us know when these or any other useful improvements will be coming to this almost-on-the-edge-of-being-actually-useful feature.  Thanks!

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