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Sep 27, 2020 Sep 27, 2020

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Looking to combine CC and CC classic. always worked on a folder/file basis as this is the most structured and logical way to work, in any scenario for me. I'm receiving a new laptop on Wednesday so its a perfect opportunity to sync up my "on the go" laptop with my "photo libruary" desktop


I see I need collections to sync to the cloud. I have a couple of questions.


1.) If I create a collection on my desktop system and share it as a collection - what system do I need to my laptop? CC or CC classic? If I download CC Classic will this collection appear on my laptop?


2.) If I import Raws on my laptop, edit them, create a collection, upload etc. How do I then get this collection/folder structure back into my desktop lightroom classic and into the correct directories as per my current library file structure so that it works both ways - I.e I can edit in future on both laptop and desktop and they sync to the correct places?


[b]The Most important one[/b]

3.) How do I get "new edits" I.E TIFFs processed through photoshop to automatically add to my collection and upload. I've unlikely to "finish" an editing session in one go, its not linier, so if I share a collection, its likely i'll make new tiffs in lightroom classic at a later date. From what I can see new files created in classic don't automaticaly get added to the collection - How can i enable this?


Sorry if these have been asked before, information is volumous and often hard to focus in on exactly what you are looking for.




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