Configuring Lightroom CC with Very Slow Internet

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Nov 29, 2020 Nov 29, 2020

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Hi - I'm a relatively basic LR CC user and have moved to a very remote location with very slow upload speeds (download speeds are OK). I'm trying to configure LR (or LRClassic if need be) to work in my situation. I'm looking for advice about how to configure my system. Here are my details:


- I have about 600gb of images synced in Lightroom CC. I have a local copy of all those images at home, but not with me here remotely. 

- I use the 1TB plan which could give me access to LR Classic too

- At home, I load my images on an external disk, then import them into LR CC, then sync to cloud. i feel this gives me a local plus cloud redundancy

- Now in my remote location, uploading hundreds of new images (I like to shoot jpeg & raw) is impossible. Download speeds are good. Upload speeds are horrific. 

- I have multiple external disks with me here. I can keep multiple copies of the images locally until I can sync next spring

- I don't have much space on my Mac and want to work everything off an external disk(s)


The questions swimming around my head are:

- is there a way to keep two local copies (for redundancy) in LR CC until I can sync next spring? 

- should I switch to LR Classic so I can work locally? If so, how do I migrate 'back' to Classic?

- any other advice about how I should configure my system?


I am truly beffuddled, and grateful for any help. 

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