Deleted photos get stuck syncing forever

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May 05, 2020 May 05, 2020

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There is as bug in Lightroom Mobile that I see tons of people hitting online with no response from Adobe, so I'm hoping to find one here. This is my use case:

1. Import a bunch of photos into LR mobile on iPad.

2. Before the sync completes, start going through photos, deleting ones that are out of focus, poorly exposed, etc.


What I see happening is any photo that was not synced before I deleted it will get stuck in "Pending" forever, with no way to get it un-stuck. Once you get to this state you need to uninstall and reinstall LR mobile to get yourself out of the stuck syncing state. Does anyone have a better solution for this? It's not feasible for me to wait for all of my photos to sync before going through them, considering that I import 1000s of photos at a time and don't have the space in my cloud plan to store them.

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