Different names for NAS treated as different drives

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Apr 12, 2020 Apr 12, 2020

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I moved my catalog to a new computer. Some photos reside on the same location on my NAS, so the relative location is the same, and Lightroom found them instantly without having to do anything. However, one folder on the NAS shows up under a different name for the main drive. Then I imported some photos from the same location and they showed up as another new drive. They all point to the same location, ie. if I pick a photo and say open in Explorer they go to the same share on the NAS. The problem is one "disk" is labled \\NAS-01\genealogy, another is nas-01\genealogy and the third is nas-01\Genealogy. 


How do I get them to consolidate? Can I safely drag a folder from one named drive to another and not create a problem? I'd like all the photos that are actually in \\nas-01\Genealogy to show under that name... Since they are all really one place I'm afraid what might happen if I try to move folders between them.




Problem or error, Windows








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