Duplicating photos, creating two different versions of it (LR 2020, iMac & Macbook Air)

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Mar 24, 2020 Mar 24, 2020

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I often want to copy a photo in LR, move it to a new album and make a version of it that is different from the original (b&w, different crop, you name it), without destroying the original. I try to do this by:

OPTION 1 duplicate photo - move duplicate to new album - remove the copy of original from old album OR

OPTION 2 copy original to new album - duplicate the copy in new album - remove the copy of original from new album


Tried to find out by trial and error which versions of the photo, the one on the right or the left in both folders,  are linked with the original so that the changes carry over (which I don't want to happen). After a zillion attempts, always trying to make different choices than before, I always end up with the original photo in the old folder being changed in exactly the same way the new one in a new folder was changed. 

Getting desperate here: how do I get a copy of the image, editing which does not change the original? Help would be greatly appreciated!


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