How is face tagging /keyword data saved to images

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Jan 28, 2020 Jan 28, 2020

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My wife and I have seperate catalogues.  However I have syncronised all her photos into my catalogue.  i spent hours face tagging all of my own photos and then thoguht it woudl be a good idea to face-tag all hers. This worked fine as the facial regnotion data form doing my own photos was avialable for her photos as within my catalogue. Having finsihed i saved the metadata for al lher photos. Went rund to her PC and syncronised her catelogue to pick up all metadata changes. 


I was susprised to find that her catalogue has not picked up all the face tags and keywords that the same image has on my computer?  I've double checked using the metadata flter and all the images in my catalogue say "metadata up to date". I have zero unnamed faces, but she has 4,000. i've checked a few individual images and mine clearly has a box with a name and keyword whereas hers is a box with a name? but the keyword is there?


Any idea before I go through all 4,000 apprecaited as surprised this hasn't worked.



Problem or error








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