Images not synchronising properly from LrC to LR, they do not always appear correctly.

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Sep 07, 2020 Sep 07, 2020

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I edit images from LrC in Photoshop and save them back as TIF files. These TIF files are usually in a Collection to force them to synchronise to Lr on my iPad for viewing. I have noticed that not all files synchronise properly, for example, a file I was working on earlier is b&w but when viewed on in Lr iPad or in Lr on my iMac the image is still showing as a colour image.  


I have found that using PSD and not TIF does seem to produce a more consistant result.  Is there anything I can do in the way I save the files from Photoshop to improve the compatibility (the maximise compatibility option is enabled). Is this a known issue?


I notice this problem occurs more often when my image contains Smart Objects which have been used with plug-ins like Nik Effects or Topaz, but  they always display correctly in LrC, so the problem does seem to be with the synchronisation to the Adobe Cloud.


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