Inconsistent image processing for video export

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Jul 12, 2020 Jul 12, 2020

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I made a timelapse video of comet neowise. After a bit of tweaking the photos, I used slideshow - export video to create the movie. I noticed in the video that I had what is probably a hot pixel or two, but in a couple of places the blinked off and on again.


After some testing I found the following:


The standard 1:1 previews generated as I imported the photos show the hot pixels. They also show in slideshow and in the exported video.

If in Library I gooto 1:1 view, the hot pixels appear, then after a second or so they disappear. Thereafter if I return to fit view - or goto slideshow or export the video, the hot pixel has gone.
This happens even after I have tweaked the photo settings in lightroom and Synced the settings across all the photos in the video.

It seems the only way to clear the hot pixels is to goto 1:1 view in library, wait for the hot pixels to disappear, then step to the next photo. This is somewhat tedious.

How can I get Lighroom to properly pre-process the photos without manually stepping through every one?


Lightroom Classic 9.3 release, Raw 12.3

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