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Jul 23, 2020 Jul 23, 2020

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I have never been happy with Lightroom CC - a programme that I pay a substantial monthly fee for. It is incredibly slow and sluggish, and the much too frequent updates, seem to make it worse by the day.

Doing primarily bird photography, I am editing several similar frames of the same subject, that typically has to be cropped and checked for sharpness - i.e. around the eye of the bird. 
That is more or less impossible in LR CC.

It is incredibly sluggish, and takes a while to get from a very pixelated photo to a sharp photo.

Using more advanced editing, it is extremely slow - lagging, rainbow spinning wheel appearing a few times per hour and if I have moved to other work - mail, safari - and then back to Lightroom, more often than not I have to quit, even force quit and restart to get the blue "loading"-wheel to disappear.

I am using an iMac 2017, 3,4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 and have got 8 GB RAM which never used to be a problem with ANY programmes, in fact I was a big fan of aperture, which Apple stopped supporting and I was forced to go the adobe way.

I have realized RAM is one of the issues here - and I am now looking at upgrading the computer - thanks, Adobe - in order to just try to run my Lightroom CC.

But would that really solve this issue, and is there anything else I can do?

Seems the internet and this forum is FULL of criticism for adobe and their LR CC platform - hopefully adobe will learn!
Also, browsing this forum, comes up with 2-4 year old discussions with the same issue. Why hasn't this been fixed - and why is it getting worse with each update?

I am considering going to Lightroom classic, as I understand from other bird photographers, that they have nothing but contempt left over for the Cc version. 
That should at least solve the sluggish scrolling between photos coming from "the cloud" although we have a lightning fast internet connection here.

Any tips are welcome, hopefully in time for me to not quit photography in the mean time, due to the pain it is to work with LR CC.

It has REALLY put me off photography and I am dreading photo editing and dealing with LR CC on a daily basis.

Kind regards

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