Lightroom CC, Mobile Data Only and Hard Drive Storage

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Apr 13, 2020 Apr 13, 2020

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Hi there,


I have been using iPhotos for 8 years, only recently merged to Photos but then dropped my macbook and had to start again with a new macbook...but before I did, I wondered if it was time to move to Lightroom CC (or potentially just Lightroom Classic). Here is my situation:


I only have mobile internet at the moment. I have 80GB but live in remote Western Australia so not a super quick service (this is perhaps my biggest concern/decision making factor).


I currently have my iPhotos/Photos library stored on an external HD. My whole computer is backed up randomly to a second external HD. I am looking for online storage as I currently store my 2 external HD's in the same laptop bag as my laptop...obviously no good if I lose the bag or the whole lot gets damaged. For Apple iCloud storage I am looking at $10 per month, Lightroom CC is $15 but includes the Lightroom program so I am happy with the costs involved.


I like to do some basic edits to my photos, but nothing major as they are just family or landscape shots and I am only printing for myself. Photoshop doesnt interest me at this point.

I thought Lightroom CC would be a good option, then got highly confused with the Lightroom CC Vs Lightroom Classic options, most specifically, cloud versus local storage, and if I would actually be able to upload my photo library using only a sketchy mobile service.


I am happy to keep the bulk of my storage on external HD, as I dont want to have to connect to internet to do edits or look through my catalog. Previously my workflow was move images from camera SD card to external HD using Image Capture, and then import to iPhotos from there. Back up randomly the whole computer to second external HD via Time Machine. If I go to Lightroom CC, can I work mostly offline, and maybe once a month connect to the cloud and the catelogs will be synched? 


And does anyone have any experience with uploading a whole photo library (I think about 600GB) using mobile data only??


Appreciate anyones thoughts on what they would do. In laymans terms if possible please!



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