Lightroom CC mobile won't update after second "edit in photoshop" from Lightroom Classic

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Mar 01, 2020 Mar 01, 2020

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If I edit a photo in Photoshop then I save it into Lightroom Classic as a PSD it is fine and populates Lightroom CC without any issues. 


If I then decide it needs improving (always) I then choose edit in > Photoshop (original) I can then re-open the original photoshop file and I'll make some changes and save. The new version updates in Lightroom classic without a hitch and updates the image in Lightroom CC mobile quickly but not it's thumbnail. 


If I do this a second time from Lightroom Classic (edit in photoshop original) and save it out it updates lightroom classic with no problems however Lightroom CC on my phone is stuck on the previous edit.


When I go to inspect this image on my android Lightroom CC I open it and I see the new version flash up for an instant and it returns to the older version in 1/2 a second and then stuck in the old version of the image on my phone. 


If I go to export it on my phone it exports the old version. 


This issue is hundred percent repeatable on every image. Any ideas? 


On my ipad Lightroom CC everything works fine it is only on Android. 









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