Lightroom CC Sync On Desktop is BROKEN

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Feb 19, 2020 Feb 19, 2020

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For over 2 years now, I've been waiting for a fix for the inexplicably slow and bizarre sync speed in Lightroom CC.


I have a 100 mbps down / 25 mbps up connection at home. Yeah, it's nothing special but it should do the trick for small sync tasks.  I also have a 1 gbps symectrical connection at my office and I have been trying to sync 17 (seventeen) RAW photos for over an hour. This is unacceptable.  I could sync this number of photos with OneDrive or Dropbox in less 10 minutes.


On top of that, when Lightroom CC is syncing, it completely kills my entire internet connection for all devices on my network.  I literally had to pause the sync in Lightroom CC (on a completely different desktop machine) just load this page. 


The only fix I've been able to come up with is to set an agressive QoS policy on my router that limis the upload bandwidth of the machine running Lightroom CC to 70% of the total avaialble upstream capacity.  This works, but it's ridiculous that it needs to happen just to use this program and it definately doesn't make Lightroom CC upload any faster.


The thing that literally blows my mind is Lightroom CC is synching so insanely slow, then how is it possible that it's completely saturating my upstream to the point that it actually breaks the downstream on my entire network?   I have seen this exact same behavior across different desktop computers and at completely different geographic locations (and on different Adobe accounts).  The symptoms are identical thus leading me to fully believe that this is an Adobe issue, and not a LAN/WAN/router problem, like Adobe will try to have you believe.


So, IMO, there is something seriously wrong or broken with the manner in which Lightroom CC uploads files to the cloud and it has been broken since the beginning of this software's life.  There are dozens of posts here, dating back to 2017 on these very forums about this.  If I didn't have so much time invested in my catalog, I'd drop this and go back to Lightroom Classic.


Adobe - A lot of us here have given tens of thoursands of our hard-earned dollars to you over the decades. Please fix this OR at least tell us you're aware of the issue.



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