Lightroom CC Syncing Issues: Large Files

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Jul 31, 2020 Jul 31, 2020

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I have been struggling syncronizing my lightroom CC files to the cloud for the last week and thought I would share some of the things that I have found.   I have worked with Adobe support but I think they had some troubleshooting tips that did not work in my situation.  I am finally syncing files but it is a painful process.  I am running on a Mac with the latest lightrooom version and MAC operatng system.  


Here are a few things people should consider if you are having this issue;


  1. Internet Upload Speed - Many home Internet connections are much slower with the upload speed than the download speed.  Upload speed is a big deal in this process.   Most DSL lines will have 1 -2 meg upload and much faster download.   The slower your upload speeds the more issues you are likely going to have.   Check out to run a test of your speed or use another speed test program.
  2. "Sync Issues Folder" - On the web version of Lightroom CC you will see a folder called Sync issues.   Files will go into this folder while they are uploaded and ussually clear over time.  Tech support had me delete these when they appeared but this should only be done if the Lightroom CC desktop application is no longer syncing.    You will actually see them increment down and clear.   Having files in this folder does not necessarilly mean you have a problem.  It means these files are being processed.   I wasted a lot of time on that.
  3. Screen Savers / Sleep settings - Lightroom Classic ( has a setting that stops a system from sleeping during sync but CC does not.   When my screensaver went on I noticed that my data transfer stopped.  This needs to be verified with Adobe but...  You may need to increase your screensaver / energy settings to keep this from happening.  If it happens for a long period of time (overnight), it seems to cause a disconnect with the cloud systems and then you do need to remove files from the "Sync Issues" folder, etc. 
  4. Checking on the status -  CC does not have an easy log like Classic does to tell you that it is syncing your files.   I used Activity Monitor that comes with the Mac and verified this with Wireshark (a tech tool).   Go to the Network tab and watch the "Adobe Lightroom Helper" application.  You will notice that it will increment "sent bytes" at a pretty heavy rate when things are working.  There is also a graph at the bottom that will show the data sent (in red).  If this stops then you may need to restart lightroom, etc.
  5. Load Files in Small batches - I shoot medium format and had to limit adding files to my library at about 50 files.  I am now slowly increasing this.   There seem to be a lot of processes that go on when you first load files and these never seem to finish if you have  a lot of  files.   For me the files seems to not to start to sync until halfway through the process so it looked like nothing was happening.   If it was running for 2 hours I would not see any of the sync issues clear until after the first hour and then they would slowly clear over the final hour.   If you have a big batch (i.e 1,000 large files or more) it may just not get through the first process.


Hopefully Adobe will improve some of this in their CC tool over time!  Adobe Classic has been syncronization controls and seems to be more reliable but CC is slick when you can get through these issues.  


Please feel free to add comments if you are seeing things differntly.   I could not find anything online about this and the articles I saw had more to do with issues in past versions, etc.



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