Lightroom (Cloud version) freezing, "Unable to Sync to Network" & loss of all edits

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Oct 08, 2020 Oct 08, 2020

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I've found that Lightroom (cloud version) is losing its sync to the network multiple times per session & there is no error message for this only that it freezes (can still edit but will not close nor is it syncing with the network) and ALL of edits I've made in between each restart are lost.  It does not seem to be related to WiFi connectivity because I've lost WiFi connectivity and as soon as I regained it syncing was back to normal with no loss of edits. I am working on a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro and always update PS & LR to keep it current so I don't think it's an issue on my side. When this freeze happens, I can still see the edits on the thumbnail (sometimes the edited thumbnail with be upside down but not always) until I force Lightroom (cloud) to close via task manager at which point upon restarting Lightroom (cloud) the thumbnail also has returned to the right side up original with all edits lost.


I've seen posts with similiar issues saying that the more edits made to the image (i.e. healing brush use etc.) or if they edit in Photoshop first that Lightroom (cloud) will lose all of the edits made there as well so maybe there is a connection to the workload that is causing this however it is NOT connected to the amount of cloud storage I have available as I'm experiencing this even when I'm well under my cloud storage limit.


I've spoken to Adobe support & was told "Yeah that's not supposed to be happening but no there isn't any way to get those edits back. Maybe you should work with Lightroom Classic instead." @ Adobe, please figure out what is causing this total loss as there is nothing more disheartening than losing HOURS of work.


In the meantime, for those also experiencing this issue, my work-around will be to create "versions" of the image whenever I do heavy healing brush work in Lightroom (cloud) but this will not solve the issue for those editing in Photoshop first. 

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