LR Brush tool is auto painting large areas

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Jun 24, 2020 Jun 24, 2020

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I've added some images to my gallery today to work and when I start going over the lady in the image with the brush tool (on 2 seperate images) the brush seems to find an invisible area that auto selects with my brush settings as I go over a specific point in the image. EX: I brushed over the kneeling woman all the way to her last toe with no issue. As I get to the last tip of her shoe, the whole corver of the image is highlighted with the brush area. I've tried to switch tools and come back, switch images, close LR and restart, restated pc and come back but it keeps acting the same. Any advice? Never happened before, not happeneing on all images, only 2 so far. 
Double checked, no updates are pending acording to my Creative Desktop...


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