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Aug 10, 2020 Aug 10, 2020

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Hi there. I'd be really grateful for any help with what's become a huge problem. I haven't used Lightroom for a while, but have come back to it as I have a lot of images to create and sort. I have the Lightroom app on a Samsung Note and take images using the camera on the Lightroom app.


The images all seem to sync through to Lightroom on my macbook (although when I last used it, it was called Lightroom CC). But, I am having huge problems with these images synching through to Lightroom Classic. If they do sync, they take hours and hours. But, lots of images don't sync at all. I have added the new images to one of the albums in Collections, but that makes no difference.


I have uninstalled both programs and reinstalled them, but that makes no difference.


I have tried to delte sync data, but end up in a never ending loop where it tells me I need to restart to be able to complete this task, but then just takes me back to the same window post restart. 


I've tried to look at the synching settings in preferences, but I can't see anything there.


When I used it last time, it worked seamlessly, but this is terrible and a complete waste of money really. The only way I have been able to get my images is to export them from Lightroom to my mac hard drive, and then import them back into Lightroom Classic. 


It may be that I am doing something wrong. I'd be immensely grateful for any help from the community. Many thanks




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