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Aug 12, 2020 Aug 12, 2020

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So, I am on a trip and I put my horses on Lightroom (NOT CC) for my preliminary editing. I am very frustrated to say the least. My iPad will go on ebay when I return home and I will get a Windows portable so I can run software for grown-ups...


Firstly, I don't set my Nikon to auto rotate images on camera for review size matters. This descision makes me rotate every single portrait image in Lightroom for the lack of a batch rotate. And yes, I tried to copy and paste the settings which works for adjustments but not for image rotation...


This is a major show stopper right there!!!


Then, since hdr merging and panorama stitching are both non existent in Lightroom, I have to export (share...) my images from Lightroom.. The version 5.3.1 can't resize images. It reads "item not available - 1 photo could not be shared". Having 16 selected, even the semmantics of this message is fake news! Found a few posts complaining about that and mantioning that 5.3.1 fixed this. NOT! Which forces me to export full resolution images and then stitch them in Afinity Photo. But even on my beefy 2017, 256 GB iPad, all Affinity does is crashing... Yes, this is the wrong place to complain about Affinity, but the source is Lightroom not resizing images...

Then the whole importing... I name and keyword my images when I import them on LR CC. I have not found a way to do that when importing on iOS.


And that's the essence of my complaints. Why Adobe makes an App on iOS that is not the EXACT same as the desktop version is beyond me.


On the editing side, the masking capabilities of local adjustments is 2016...


Lastly, Logging into the support forum from within the app brings me here. This is the community forum. Adobe seriously put's their support of the software on a user to user base from within the app??? I thought we pay them monthly, not the other way around...




Import and share, Make It, Problem or error








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