Managing Presets in 3.3

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Aug 05, 2020 Aug 05, 2020

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hope I'm missing something obvious, but can anyone point me to how I would do some bulk-management of my presets in v3.3 (non-Classic!) I'm only using cloud storage so when I import presets they're not showing up in the local Lightroom folder in Application Support on my Mac.


I found that you can zip up all of your presets and import a zip folder instead of importing one preset a time (which is also a ridiculous limitation), but the zip file's folder structure is not mapped to any groups. So you wind up with a long list of every preset in the "User Presets" group. But from there it seems like you can't select and move more than one preset at a time between groups. 


How does everyone deal with trying to manage groups of presets? This is nuts. 

How to, Presets or profiles







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