Preset synchronization between Desktop and Mobile Apps is a mess

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Mar 12, 2020 Mar 12, 2020

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I'm using Lighroom CC on a Mac (latest version) alongside an iPadOS and an iOS, all synchronized through a paid Adobe subscription. 


Some time ago I did the mistake of importing thousands of VSCO presets which I unfortunately deleted on the hard disk instead of through the LR GUI. I found out already that this is causing a lot of problems on a synchronization level since the presets are not deleted from the cloud. 


Now my situation is a mess, I started deleting the presets manually on the mobile devices, but my problem is that they are not even synchronized between them; how is it possible to have different presets on an iPad as on an iPhone - since both should download the presets from the cloud user account? Even after deleting and reinstalling the apps, they both redownload different sets of presets. Downloading the Desktop App on a new computer however does not download any of the (unwanted) presets. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to manually delete all the presets since there are a few thousand files, each to be deleted individually (and on 2 devices as it seems...). I could simply "hide" them through the apps, but this also means that i can't use the web-interface ( since when I click on the preset tab, it takes >5 minutes to load (and ironically, it doesn't show any unwanted presets afterwards).


It all seems really messy - my preferred solution would be to simply wipe all data regarding the presets (for the few that I want to keep I have copies). I have read about the proposal of using the Adobe Downloader and wiping the account. Is that really the last resort (since the downloader seems to have his own problems of not syncing 100% of the pictures/edits)?


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