Same Temp and Tint values look different on different photos from same session?

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Oct 01, 2020 Oct 01, 2020

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I took a bunch of photos of toys that I need to bring into Premiere to create an animated slidehow, so the backgrounds and colors need to look the same. I shot them all at the same time, against the same white backdrop, with the same light at the same settings, and with the same distance from light and camera. I started with a preset and made some adjustments and them copied the settings to all of the other photos and make minor adjustments to each photo as needed. The temp = 5950 and tint = 0 


On some photos they have a hint of magenta and on others it seems like much more of a magenta cast. 


1. Why is this? What other settings may be affecting this?

2. I needed to make some adjustmnets to mainly the shadows, whites and blacks. How can I make minor adjustments like this and keep the same uniform colors across all of the images?



How to








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