Storage of originals in Lightroom (cloud based version)

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Aug 09, 2020 Aug 09, 2020

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I use the cloud based version of Lightroom.


I have my whole library on Adobe Cloud I then also set the storage for originals on a local directory on my computer. 


I want to have all my images stored locally as well as in the cloud. I have my Storage location for my originals set in Lightroom preferences to a directory on my drive. 


However, I usually see that a lot of the images are shown as Smart Previews rather than Originals under the “Sync Status” section in the info panel. I also notice that if I go into the originals directory the images that are listed as “Smart Previews” are sometimes present or not. But then if I edit the photo or view it in full screen it switches from “Smart Preview” to “Original” after a few seconds and then appears in the originals directory if it wasn’t already there. 


I have the majority of my photos stored locally but surely it doesn’t make sense to edit a smart preview when if the original photo is available locally?


From talking with Adobe Support there seems to have been an issue with some users complaining about the amount of storage this was taking up on local hard drives so it was changed to using Smart Previews and then when you edit the image it downloads the original file. This helped users with limited local storage. 


I personally would like to make sure that all my originals are stored locally as well as in Adobe cloud. I think this would be good for performance and allows for users to keep there own local copy and have local backups as well. 


I would like to see this as an option in a future release of Lightroom. 

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