What do you do with different versions of your images?

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Mar 16, 2020 Mar 16, 2020

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Thanks in advance for helping this newcomer.


I've been using LR and PS for about a year, and have created a few dozen images I'm proud of.  Usually I end up creating 10 or more files along the way. 


  • one with more blur in background, or more light on the subject, or a different color cast 
  • one with a white border, one with a black one, one with none
  • .jpg exports for social media-- this one with quality 100 @ 50% of size, or 70q/100%, etc.
  • a .TIF with all layers, and perhaps a flattened one


I can't be the only person here who does this.  So-- how do folks manage this?  Do you bring them all into Lightroom?  All into the same collection?  Which one(s) get the treasured 5-star rating?  If you have two or more you like equally, does that change things?


Thanks again for your "best practices"



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