What stops you from fully committing to Lightroom cc vs Lightroom Classic?

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Jun 05, 2020 Jun 05, 2020

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Curious what the remaining missing features are for lightroom vs lightroom classic.  There are a lot of advanatages to cloud version; the mobility, the simplicity, the performance.


What are the missing features that prevent you from fully switching?  For me:


  • No GPS tagging
    • I scan a lot of old photos.  I need to geo tag in batch
  • Weak searching
    • I know it has the AI component; but combining search items like date, camera attibutes, metadata, folders or cellections; mostly is not possible in CC
  • Grid Info
    • I am adicted to the data you can tweek in the footers of the grid in classic.  I wants to see the create date, color codes....  Very handy
  • Batch File renaming
    • Maybe I am an old fuddy dutty, but I batch rename almost every set of photos after culling.  I know cc says your metadata is all in the cloud.  But My images end up many different places where that metadata may or may not show up (Im looking at you google photos).  I want to control the filenames in batch.  (And not just at export)
  • Toolbar control
    • Probably cause they are trying to keep consistancy accross web, desktop, mobile platforms; the toolbars are not customizable.  Id like to pin certain tools certain places. Its annoying for the toolbar to slide away when it decides it should.  I find myself cursing at the extra click to pull a tool back out. (over and over)
  • Grid vs filmestip equality
    • A little nit picky here.  But Id like the filmstrip and grid to have same features
  • Keywording
    • Come on: Keywords are so important since file renaming is taboo.  Keyword presets at import; or keyword presets at all is a must have
  • Decide on the freaken name please
    • Its official name now is "Lightroom".  But if you say Lightroom, the large percentage of people will think you mean Lightroom classic.  Look at the chaos now of searching for tutorials.  At first the were calling Lightroom classic "Lightroom CC Classic".  Adding to the confusion
  • Storage Cost
    • This may be the clincher to anyone with a large # of images.  All plans should include 1TB as a base.  Comon Adobe; sinch the market by making the product affordable. I pay $53/month for the full adobe suite and get 100G?  "shaking fist at my computer"  Truely makes me look at the competion for options.


With all these challanges, I still like cc.  The search, edit, aquire anywhere with anything is really great.  Accomidating a workflow hole I have always had between my DSLR image management and my phone image management: This really solves that well.  I also like the speed of the editing (aside from upload delays)  Actual basic editing is fater than classic.


What are your showstoppers?

Feature request, Performance, Presets or profiles, Problem or error








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