Why is LR and LR CC largely incompatible?

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Sep 16, 2020 Sep 16, 2020

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So LR CC is slow as molasses, even on a fast machine.  Because of this, I've been using LR more and more over the past year or so....but I'm often shocked at how incompatible they are.  Maybe I'm not understanding something.


I do most of my serious work in LR CC where I can use a variety of plugins, etc.  Sometimes, though, I need quick access to some of my images, so I launch LR just to quickly find and export an imagine.  I've also been playing with some of the gallery features.


Over the past couple of days, I've become aware that LRCC doesn't sync full resolution versions in the cloud.  Just now I was needing to export a full resolution image while I was working remotely with my smaller Surface computer. When I tried to export, I was told I didn't have access to the full size.  Reading the threads, I see this is a common issue.  What I don't understand is why.


What's the point of storing only lower resolution versions of the images in the cloud? It kinda defeats the whole purpose.  In fact, I was recently considering massively bumping up my cloud storage so I could just dump every original image and always have access to everything for any purpose -- but this doesn't make sense now.  Except to have quick access to low res images, I see no purpose for LR now.


There are other incompatible issues that make no sense.  For example, keywording and galleries.  If I add keywords and galleries in LR CC, LR sees it and it's awesome.  If I create galleries and add keywords in LR, LR CC is oblivious.


Lastly, facial recognition databases in LR and LR CC don't mix.  I started working on making a very accurate database in LR CC and then discovered LR can't see it.....and LR CC can't see the face database in LR.


Am I missing something obvious here?  This incompatibility makes no sense to me so I'm wondering if I'm just using it incorrectly or something.











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