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Armature missing = lost Hip bone Vertex painting; Error uploading Character; & What did you change?

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Mar 22, 2022 Mar 22, 2022

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Ive used this rigger for months but now Im getting model errors. 

  • Here is the workflow of my FBX character: made in Blender > exported > uploaded and rigged by Mixamo > imported into UE4 > exported as FBX 2013 > imported into Blender again to add bones > uploaded to Mixamo to get a new animation...


After I upload my fbx > at the hips > the character mesh (white texture) looks missing/inversed texture face/ and warped animation.


So I open it up in Blender, and see the Hips bone is missing! This model was rigged by Mixamo this week. So what did you change?

I import this FBX in UE4, and open the Skeleton. It is missing "Armature" in the bone Hierarchy (the first thing is Hips bone, no Armature - while my FBX rigged from Mixamo a month ago, has "Armature" > Hips in the skeleton).

This is a serious change because now the first bone is Hips. But if I load that file in Blender, I read that it does something to make the first bone [hips] NOT a bone. Thus the skin mesh looses its vertex painting (and animation) at the hips. 



1) In my FBX from last month, I open in Blender 3 after rigging and downloading from Mixamo. I import in UE4. Export file so it is merged as 1 mesh but has all my texture slots. Import into Blender to vertex paint. In Collection I see:

A) Armature with the Orange man icon.

B) Inside that I see Armature with Green man icon.

C) Inside I see mixamorig.Hips BONE with Green bone icon... and inside that it goes to Spine etc.


2a) Now I open a FBX I made this week, rigged on Mixamo, downloaded, and imported back in Blender. It shows Armature then Hip bone. BUT the mesh is in 30 pieces. Thus I cant click the Bones, then SHIFT click all of the mesh to enter Vertex paint mode.. because I cant click 30 pieces. 


2b) But if I import this same FBX file rigged on Mixamo > into UE4 > then Export (FBX 2013) > then import into Blender:

In Collection I see:

A) The name of my FBX with an Orange 3 spike icon?

B) Inside that is "Hips" with Orange man icon???

C) Inside that I see "Hips" with Green man icon?? - not a bone.

D) Inside that is spine BONE, as the first bone. This means that Armature HIPS bone is missing now from your rigger (or you changed something that confuses 3d programs, thus it's setting the first bone [hips] as a parent, but loosing bone properties)?  And thus it appears that nothing is Vertex painting at the hips of my character. And thus the surface appears inversed when I reupload it to Mixamo (after an adjustment in Blender). 


You guys also changed the names of the bones from "mixamorig._" to [Bone name] (which is helpful). But it proves you did change something, and it seems to have introduced a bug? 


This is very dramatic to me because I'm new to this, been working on a workflow for 2 months. I only learned about Blender from what an old tutorial taught me. Now that you changed something, Idk what to do (dont know what the other icons are called in my Collection) and the tutorial wont be able to give me new information about this error. Now I can't reimport my rigged mesh into Blender, to vertex paint the hips, nor to add a bone and get a new animation from Mixamo.

Please help. Ty.


Bug , Character , Upload






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