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Mixamo FAQ - Licensing, Royalties, Ownership, EULA and TOS

Adobe Employee ,
Sep 29, 2022 Sep 29, 2022

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Mixamo online animation services are currently in a limited duration technology preview, and during that preview they are available for free, with no licensing or royalty fees, for unlimited commercial or non commercial use. You can use the auto-rigger, characters and animations in any type of creative project.  Adobe retains the rights to our software and content, you retain the rights to your designs and creations and how the content is used.


The full Adobe Terms of Use are available online, so please feel free to browse for specific details there.

Project Examples

YES, you can create... NO, you cannot create...
Video Games Blueprints, templates, or asset packages for video game engines which redistribute character or animation raw files as the product
DLC or Addon Content for Games Packages for 3D stock or asset store websites where character or animation raw files will be sold or distrubuted
Movies/Videos Any type of free distribution of character or animation raw files
Illustrations and Prints  
3D Prints  


Distribution of Files

As you can see above, really the only thing you can't do is distribute the raw character and animation files.  To be clear this does not include collaborating on team-based projects. If you download an asset for a team then all members of that project team may access and use the file. You may not distribute the files to customers or non-team members however.



Can I use Fuse and Mixamo for non-profit, commercial, research, or school projects?

Yes to all. There are no limitations on the types of paid or nonpaid projects you can use as long as it follows the distribution rules above. The only research application Mixamo content can't be used in is training machine-learning models.


Do I have to give Adobe, Mixamo, or Fuse credit in my project?

No. That is up to you, and you're certainly welcome to, but are not required to give credit to Adobe, Mixamo, or Fuse in any way.


If I use Mixamo animations and characters for free now then they become paid will I have any costs?

No. Your use of Mixamo and its content is covered under the terms at the time you use it. If any changes are made to the pricing structure this would not have any effect on projects made during the free period.

Project Integration






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