A little encouragement to all the dear Musers here - the perfect solution for us.

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Apr 12, 2018 Apr 12, 2018

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Hi all,

I have a company for 4 years that I based on Muse, for designing and building websites to customers.

I have mastered Muse and bought hundreds of widgets from the best sites (Muse-Themes, Qoo-Qee, Muse For You etc.)

Like everyone else here, I was hurt and deeply shocked at the terrible news about the closure of Muse.

At the same day I was very upset, but I relized that Adobe won't revive muse, and it's not worth fighting. it's time to move on.

So, after a deep research, I found the solution. I started use Wordpress + Elementor Pro.

WOW. I don't know how I didin't did it earlier.

The elementor UI is perfect, and I learned to use it in less than a week - with 0 experience in wordpress at all!!!

In 3 days I designed and built a very complex mini-site with parallaxes and animations and galleries and whatever you want.

I think it's very hard to move on, but it's necessary. it's like parting from a girlfriend after 4 years and a planned future.

But it worth getting over it, and start fresh and better!

I don't have any connection to Elementor and I don't get any profit from recommending it.. I just want my all Brothers-In-Muse here to make a jump of this situation.

I thank Adobe for pushing me learning Elementor pro!

Best regards,








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