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Apr 13, 2018 Apr 13, 2018

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Thanks Mr Adobe,

you push a product on us for years for us "no coders" to learn, pull in clients, then tell us it not going to be available anymore,
like most small design businesses this will affect me, big time......

Spark the new "FAD" social media content distributer, great if your out on your skateboard, and want to post your thoughts
you can not host it, only get the link and share it, this will loose me clients.
How many other adobe users will this affect??? And, from my text chat with adobe today they don't give two hoots or admit that muse is going to be redundant and is on its way out

Just a question I would like an answer to Mr Adobe, why push a product on your community, make it really user friendly, but make the back office too expensive... surely to keep all your monthly paid up zombies happy, it would would be worth seeing if this could be taken forward, bring your hosting prices down and pull in more clients.

Do we get a reduction in the monthly payment now the tools we need to put food in our kids mouths are being taken away from us
Or are we just bank rolling the shit tools we don't need????







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