Adobe will you Please give us the truth as to why you cancelled Muse

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Apr 02, 2018 Apr 02, 2018

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As a designer I am sorry to see you do this Adobe. But I have been through this before with you. GoLive, LiveMotion!  Been with you since 1988. But your announcement last week makes no sense.  I think all of us who have stuck with you are owed the truth.  All we have heard so far is from poor Preran who says he has brought our concerns to the team. Well if this is the Muse team they are soon to be unemployed. Maybe even Preran!  We as loyal Adobe users who have had to jump when Adobe yelled jump are very deserving of the truth.  What are you afraid of Adobe. So far I have read nothing that makes sense for the cancellation of Muse.  I have read that some half assed replacement called Spark won't even touch the features of Muse. I have heard nobody knows what Adobe is thinking as far as a possible Muse replacement.  Adobe I smell a large rodent!  What huge company tells their loyal customers to go to a third party especially when they have a decent product that they are tanking for no good reason.  So Adobe come clean please. We have been loyal to you how about a little honesty with us!







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