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Apr 01, 2020 Apr 01, 2020

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When I use FILL, I first draw the image shape to fill, and then go to FILL; next, ADD image; in FITTING select "Scale to Fill"; select POSITION; go to RESIZE and select STRETCH TO BROWSER WIDTH; at this point, I stretch image to best display the image: I then click PREVIEW. 

NOTE: I am replacing an already existing image with the same image only the resolution has been greatly reduced. 

Knowing exactly where the exact image fit before, copying everything as I did it before, the image now goes about two inches above where it should go with an even larger gap at the bottom of the image.

This problem started on March 27, one day PAST the MUSE SUPPORT DATE.

Why am I having this issue???

It is a massive website that I began a year ago January. Large funding depends on its completion and I am getting close to being finished. 

Please help!







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