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Feb 27, 2018 Feb 27, 2018

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Many users are looking for a way, to create „Tool Tips“, which are flowing together with text in a text container. There are some ways ways to achieve this, but the simplest one is using a standard menu, which is set to „manual“ and „vertical“. In this case, it allows multi line text without any effort. This text can be styled and formatted ad libitum. You can use styles, colours, assign links, and, and, and, …. You even can place other elements or widgets into the text flow by simply copy them and paste them in, just as you would paste text.

Here a short screencast to demonstrate some of these possibilities:

How to build such an „inline" tool tip:

  1. Place a standard menu.
  2. Set it to „vertical“ and „manual
  3. Add a new menu item by clicking onto the „+“ icon to the right of the menu:
  4. Resize the „menu“ element, and style it just as you like:
  5. Use the „Transform“ and the „Spacing“ panel to adjust the size and position of the „Submenu“, the „Menu Item“ and the „Label“ within. Style the text using the „Text" panel or the „Character Styles"- and/or „Paragraph Styles" panel:
  6. Now position the submenu container by using the „Transform“ panel:
  7. Attention: Most modifications, which you will do after step 6, will cause the submenu container to snap back to its original position (a glitch?). So it is a good idea, to do the positioning, after you have done all other modifications.
  8. If you want or need, you can place other elements (images, compositions, menus, …) into the menu labels by pasting them in just like a piece of text.
  9. When you are done, copy the complete menu and paste it into your text frame. (You will be able to modify your menu‘s settings, even if the menu is already pasted into the text.

Two glitches/drawbacks:

  • As already mentioned: If you modify the menu parts, the submenu element very often snaps back to its original position. You have to reposition it in this case.
  • These „inline tooltips“ are flowing with the text, but don’t react responsively. If needed, you may resize/reposition them breakpoint-wise.

–> And here is a sample .muse file to show, how it is built:







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