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Mar 27, 2018 Mar 27, 2018

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I know this petition link is being posted frequently in this forum since the Muse EOL news:


But to put it into perspective, when CC launched this petition had 50,000+ people sign it --> and it yielded nothing.


I think I remember there was even one with many more ( hundred thousand + ) but I can't find it now.

I'm not wanting to dash peoples hopes of petitioning or creating change. But if the CC petitions are any indicator … well … Adobe made their decision back then about their entire product line and did not care about loyal customer needs, demands or concerns. So Muse as a singular app or even coupled with Business Catalyst, pales in comparison to that transition and outcry from customers, which changed nothing in Adobe's eyes.

I just hate seeing everyone expend so much anguish and frustration, but I get it. I just don't want people to have false hopes that Adobe will change its mind. This also goes for the talk of Class Action Lawsuits being discussed regarding Muse. Again this was all talked about during the initial CC transition, you can google "adobe creative cloud class action lawsuit" etc., and see the feeble results, and even newer ones.

I am not a Muse user, but certainly feel compassionately concerning what you are experiencing. Muse will still work in the short term, so breath, relax and strive to make good transitional decisions moving forward with hope. As sadly its almost worthless to expend emotions hoping for change. For your sake, I hope I am wrong.







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