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Jan 08, 2018 Jan 08, 2018

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in the process of learning how to use Muse CC, I tried to import animations created with Animate into Muse.

To do so, I saved my animation under .oam file in Animate. Then, I imported the .oam file into Muse.

Several things :

- the animation cannot be resized or anything else ; only moved around (meaning it won't be dynamically resized either)

- the animation runs correctly

- the animation is displayed correctly within Muse preview mode (CTR+SHIFT+E)

2.png(the gears are spinning and the arrow is jumping)

Now if I publish this page through Muse onto a BusinessCatalyst website, the .oam items show an icon that seems to indicate a flash error which can be clicked with no effect :
Sans titre-1.png(you can click the darker part of that icon which turns red when hovering over)

I'd like to know why this icon is showing, and also if it is normal that no resizing options are available for .oam animations that were created with vectors in Animate.

Is exporting .oam files the best way to add small animations from Animate to my website or should I be using .gif or movie clips or something else?

Thank you.

EDIT: Actually, the icon showing into the animation frames is the Report Abuse icon from BusinessCatalyst.

Sans titre-1.png

I still do not understand why it is showing this.








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