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Jun 27, 2017 Jun 27, 2017

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So, in my ongoing, head pounding against the desk: "hey! lets build a website" journey.

It was recently pointed out to me by (the unbelievably helpful) Ussnorway that pin and iOS do not work. "pin = bad on any device starting with i"

So I almost have a heart attack because navigation is kind of important and having people scroll all the way to the top of a long mobile site on their iPhone to get to a menu is a bit of a pain.

But! I have an iPhone and the nav bar in my site is pinned and it acts as expected.

Granted, we are talking ios7 so who knows with current phones and iOS.

A search of this forum doesn't lead me to any definitive answers.

A google search doesn't mention any clear pinning in iOS works or does not work.

Apple's design guidelines don't mention this. (though a random sampling of websites on my iPhone proves most sites don't have pinned nav....which has always annoyed me)

ALL the tutorials I have watched, many from Adobe themselves, mention it's important to pin the nav bar to make it easy to navigate. But never mention "except if you want people on iPhones to be able to use it"

Whats the deal?


If this is the reality, are there any examples of well designed mobile breakpoints that deal with nav well even though you can't pin?








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