Slideshow affecting footer when updated to Muse 2018 CC

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Oct 25, 2017 Oct 25, 2017

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I've recently updated to Muse 2018 CC. I need to make some very small alterations to the homepage on the website that was created in Muse 2017.0.4.8.

All appears fine when I open the muse file, except when I do a test export. This shows in the browser the footer of the page moving erratically and not sticking to the base.

Before updating the Muse app the page worked perfectly fine.

I've narrowed the problem down to the Slideshow in the updated Muse. When I delete the slideshow on the page and then export, the footer works perfectly—i.e. sticks to the base of the browser.

The live website is the site that was created using Muse 2017.0.4.8 and can be seen here:

The effects of the updated Muse CC 2018 can be seen here:

Obviously I could redo the slideshow in the updated Muse. But the new slideshow widget seems to work differently and I can't get the same effect as seen in the live version. Not only that, the time it will take to recreate the slideshow just isn't feasible. I'd be better off just deleting the footer!

I tried reverting to version Muse 2017.0.4.8 which would solve all problems but that is not available for download.

Is this a bug in the new update? Any work arounds?







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