Stretch to browser width forces page to be downloaded completely before display it

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Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 2018

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Hey everyone. I think maybe I found a limitation / bug on Muse.

I just created a very length and heavy site (at least for Brazilian standards). You can access it here: Um diário escrito com os olhos

I opened a discussion looking for advice on how to make the web site to be easily accessed on slow connections. Here: Re: Looking for advice for a very long and heavy web page

Everything started when I was testing the web site on slow connections and I noticed that the whole page had to be fully downloaded before the browser displayed it. So, until everything is downloaded, webfonts, images and video, the page is being showed empty. On Microsoft Edge even the loading icon stops. It looks like the webpage froze or something.

Then I asked: is there a way to make some elements of the page to be shown, while everything else is being downloaded? That would be great if at least the text could be shown while all the photos or the video are being downloaded. Is there anything that I can do on Muse to change the loading order of the page elements?

After some investigation, I found out that when I removed all elements that was set to "stretch to browser width" the page is loaded as intended, that is, the user is able to start reading and seeing the pictures BEFORE all the page is downloaded. If I put just one rectangle set to stretch, this forces the browser to download everything before and then display it to the user.

I think it's related to calculate the width of that rectangle? So, until everything is downloaded, nothing is shown in the browser window.

I recorded my experiment on video for you guys:

Now I ask: is there a way to prevent this?

I just want to make the site accessible on slow connections, I want to display the content (at least the text) to the user before everything is downloaded. Any hints? Any help?

Thanks in advance for any advice. My best regards.







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