W3C Validator Shows Errors On Blank Page With Blank Muse Widget

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Feb 04, 2018 Feb 04, 2018

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I have been making muse widgets for a while and noticed recently, (well someone using one of the widgets brought this to my attention) that they were getting w3c errors when checking their site with widgets used.  I started testing this on my own and noticed after stripping away everything and starting with a new blank page I continue to receive these same errors.  Here is a link to the test page on w3c Showing results for http://muse.markraybin.com/testnet/ - Nu Html Checker . I only get these errors when including a widget.  This only happens on a newly published site.  It doesn't matter what doc type I select.  The errors are as follows.

2) Element headhtml not allowed as child of element body in this context.

code-->  <headHTML>  <me

4) Stray end tag head.

eadHTML> </head> <bod

5) Start tag body seen but an element of the same type was already open.

</head> <body>  <d

Any suggestions or is this a new muse thing and I just need to wait out an update?









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