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Generative AI -- what do you think?

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Jul 06, 2023 Jul 06, 2023

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With Adobe Firefly we get generative AI for images, so that AI can generate images on the fly for us, fill in photographic detail, and make life a little easier for us. 


With text-based generative AI, like ChatGPT as an example, we get AI that can generate new text content. For intance, we can ask it to write a story about an 11 year old boy, who grew up in rural Mexico and lost his dad when he was 1 year old, but had a loving grandmother who raised him--Generative text AI, will take this and generate an entire story line with extra detail we didn't give it. 


Here's the question for the Photoshop experts:  imagine we integrate text-based generative AI with Firefly, then how would this make your life easier?  what type of problems or challenges would it help you address?  how would it make you more productive?


I've been wondering how this would be helpful and I'd like to get the community's feedback on this topic.  I know this community can be much more creative than I.


Here's my simplest example of how this might be helpful, just to get your juices flowing:

Imagine you are creating graphics for that story above about the 11 year old boy.  Let's pretend you don't know what Mexico's national colors are, so  you bring up a prompt for the text-based generative AI tool from within Photoshop and ask it: "tell me about Mexico's national colors"


And it responds:

"Mexico's national colors are green, white, and red. These colors are prominently featured in the Mexican flag, which consists of three vertical stripes: a green stripe on the left side, a white stripe in the middle, and a red stripe on the right side. The colors hold significant symbolism for Mexico and its history. Green represents hope and independence, white represents purity and unity, and red represents the blood of the national heroes who fought for Mexico's independence. These colors are also commonly used to decorate

during national celebrations and events in Mexico."


You then use this information to help you (with Firefly) ensure you embed this symbolism into your creative work.


Be createive in your responses!  I'm really interested to hear how you think this type of feature would be helfpul.







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