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Generative Fill & Expand: Use Promp to Set Dimensions of Foreground Image

New Here ,
Jul 29, 2023 Jul 29, 2023

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When placing an item in a generative fill background, is there a way to set the dimensions of the foreground image?

If this option does not exist, it would be very useful improvement for the app.

For example, if I am trying to place an existing image of a 16 inch pillow on a sofa in a background made with generative fill, what prompt should I use to ensure the pillow is not too enormous on the sofa or chair where I am placing it?   I have tried writing prompts like:  White sofa in vintage interior - pillow measures 16 inches."  The success has been variable.  The sizing seems to be understood, but sometimes the AI also adds additional pillows, or does odd things to the pillow that don't happen when I don't add the second part of that prompt?  







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