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Image Adjustments Control Bug

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May 31, 2023 May 31, 2023

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I am a long-time photo editor. I have used PS for over 20 years and Capture One for nine years. I am very familiar with the functional operations of both. I have never made a comment or complaint in my years of using PS.


This week (May 29, 2023), I installed the Beta version (24.6.0) on my Apple iMac desktop computer. I need to adjust some images shot at my factory. As soon as I started making adjustments, I discovered not only a bug but a bug that I could trigger by a sequence of mouse clicks.


Ok, so here is the little parasite:




When operating the slide controls, such as Brightness/Contrast, Shadows/Highlight, etc., you can drag the slider knob or click anywhere on the slider path, and the knob will jump to that position. I edit quickly, so I like to click along the slider path to save time. 

When using the Beta version (I also have PS 2023), I noticed that when making adjustments, after manually moving the slider, if I click the pathway three (3) times, the control will freeze and will not respond to further clicking.

The bug has two versions:

1. Clicking the path three times freezes the control, and you must restart it to continue your edit.

2. Clicking the path three times freezes the control, and you must grab the control knob and slide it to the desired position to edit.


If (an authorized Adobe rep.) would like me to make a video of the bug in action or have a teams call, I can show you.


Have a nice day!








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