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Mac: Photoshop (Beta) Replaces Regular Photoshop in Launchpad

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Feb 21, 2024 Feb 21, 2024

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The goal is to open regular Photoshop from the Launchpad on Mac, while Photoshop (Beta) is also installed.

Currently, the download of Photoshop (Beta) automatically replaces the original Photoshop application visible on Launchpad, instead of showing each as a seperate application (as it should). Both Photoshop and Photoshop (Beta) are accessible through both Finder and Creative Cloud, and Finder reveals different application folders for each, so I'm not sure why Launchpad would be the exception.when both Photoshop and Photoshop (Beta) are downloaded, Upon searching "Photoshop" in Launchpad, Photoshop (Beta) is the only result. Both Photoshop and Photoshop (Beta) should be showing up, because they are independant applications that can be opened seperately.


Launchpad on Mac is the primary method of opening installed applications, so downloaded applications need to show up in Launchpad (unless the user removes it intentionally).

From a user experience perspective: There are times a user may wish to use beta features, and there are times they will prefer regular Photoshop, especially if the beta application has complications with an update.  Both applications need to be accessible in launchpad by default, unless a user deliberately changes a preference setting to open Photoshop (Beta) in place of regular Photoshop - but again, this should not be automatic upon installing Photoshop (Beta) with Photoshop previously installed.


To Recreate:

1.) On Mac, install Photoshop and Photoshop (Beta)

2.) Open Launchpad

3.) Notice the regular Photoshop has been replaced with Photoshop (Beta)

4.) Search "Photoshop" in Launchpad

5.) Notice only Photoshop (Beta) shows up

6.) Open Photoshop (Beta) to see it in the Dock

7.) Go to Creative Cloud App or Website

8.) Open regular Photoshop through Creative Cloud to see it in the Dock

9.) Right Mouse Button on Dock Icon for Photoshop

  • Options > Show in Finder

10.) Right Mouse Button on Dock Icon forPhotoshop (Beta)

  • Options > Show in Finder

11.) Notice both have their own folders and applications


In the meantime, if there is a solution to this that doesn't involve messing with the command terminal or some hidden setting that requires more than 10 clicks to find, please let me know.









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