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Restrictive Policies for Violating Guidlines

Community Beginner ,
Jul 20, 2023 Jul 20, 2023

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So tonight during my session I would say at least 100 times tonight I got your warning that I was violating your guidelines for working on a document that is not it is my material so it's not copyright infringment,  the image has no  problems and you just water boarded me for about three or four hours and  wasted tons of my time.  This isn't the first time. This is chronic.  It has happend in numerous session an average of 40-50 times. Why are you doing this to us?  Just verify an ID and let me do my work.  It is torture going through that.  Because something that - if it worked and could be used would take 3 seconds but when it doesn't work, you have to try to find the right words to get it to render.  That takes tons of time.  And another way this wastes time and is disrespectful is that it doesn't tell you until the end.  So the progress goes and 7 seconds later it tells you it won't do it.  Who is responible for that policy.  They should be fired.  I pay $20 a month as a student and at this point with my rate being $50 per hour you have wasted about 20 hours of my professional time so you guys owe me about 3 years of free acces.  I am a 55-year-old professional Photoshop user I don't need any restrictive guidelines take those off or get an engineer to make them more specific and realistic and stop treating us like children.  Here is an easy solution:   Just make us verify an ID and then make it our responsibilty.  Who are you protecting?   Children?  The last time I checked, 90% of your users are NOT children.  I am going to complain on social media and call adobe until someone deals with this.  I am so upset right now at how you are treating your users.  Shame on you. I have attached the image that it wouldn't process tonight. It is a surreal depiction that was rendered by AI.  It makes Gen Fill look like it was made by toddlers that it can't figure out that nothing in that image is violating a guidline.  You are boardering on being libel for wasting so much of your users time - it's adding up.  Take this off for me.  I do not want it on my verison anymore.  I will send you verification of my age and take it off.  That should be your policy.  


[abuse removed by moderator]


image with restriction.jpg







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