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Will Remove tool work on layers of all dimensions in its future versions?

Participant ,
Aug 18, 2023 Aug 18, 2023

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Loving the results from the remove tool, especially for smallish areas with stochastic detail. It keeps getting better and better with each release. 

One issue: Currently the tool is only efficient if the active layer is the same size or larger than the canvas and has no trasnparency. If the active layer is a small cutout or even just has a "hole" somehwere in it so underlying layers show through, each stroke generates a progress bar of 10-20 seconds, no mater how small.

Workaround: create a solid color layer below the layer being worked on and merge the two to create a pixel layer equal in size to the canvas. Remove tool then works at normal speed.

Question: Is the plan for the final release version of the tool that this workround is not necessary? Can the remove tool be made to work on a layer of any size?







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