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Request: Plugin support in Photoshop on the web

New Here ,
May 26, 2022 May 26, 2022

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So Some thing I Really wanted to have is Plugins on the Photoshop for web, so even though it has limited features, it will still have unlimited Plugins, maximazing the features of Photoshop without slowing the loading of photoshop on the web. Also. I really wanted to have a stock adobe Photoshop or any Adobe product in general, a plugin, a one that can search google or anywhere for free images, I know that Adobe Stocks exists, but sadly I have no money as a student, and can't access the Photos without spending enormous amounts of time on the web. For school accounts thats the pain. a bonus suggestion is that if you have a lightweight edition for on the web so that some old computers don't need to make their computers go brrr before loading Photoshop for web, and a Professional edtion, of course, for no hard drive but insane ram people for some reason, any comment or continued disccusion that is helpful is highly appricieated. Thanks in advance! 


(Please note the image attatched is for fun only, just a meme, but it could be a suggestion for adobe. Please don't get mad at me I'm just trying to be casual, hopefully the people won't shout at me for doing something wrong like in stack overflow)

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