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Jan 19, 2020 Jan 19, 2020

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First of all - I love this app, it is fun, fun, fun!

I am a professional photographer and I also use other cameras. However, the mobile phone is becoming more and more important and is partly already used for paid jobs. Mostly the pictures are edited afterwards. However, this is not possible at every opportunity, especially when it has to be done very quickly and I have to share many pictures quickly.

This app already offers the possibility to edit the pictures during the shooting. This saves time and nerves.
Some motives of the lenses are a bit too kitschy, but they fit to some photos.

A zoom for viewing and later editing is necessary.

Likewise, that shots in landscape format can be rotated with the smartphone and thus be displayed larger.
Lenses also rarely fill the landscape format (clouds do not move to the edge).

To edit your own text, speech bubbles or the number of particles would be great.

The mask is unfortunately not controllable (touching up and tracing would be great, like in app „focos" or selecting areas or controlling them with sliders)
Brightness settings and other settings of the photo have no effect on Mask.

A hashtag could be assigned automatically.

How to make your own lenses?

My wishes for favorite lenses in future:
- lens flares
- balloons
- hearts
- dramatic clouds instead of lovely blue sky
- fireworks
- own pictures in the double pictures
- water in the dark areas or as mirroring the sky
- fog
- rainbows
- much more comic
- any sort of props
- palm trees
- water with reflections as bokeh

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