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Bizarre GPU issues

Community Beginner ,
Aug 29, 2023 Aug 29, 2023

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From what I have seen, two issues appear from the one all-encompassing problem that involves the GPU.


Photoshop version: 24.7.0
OS: Windows 10
Graphics Processor: Nvidia RTX 2060 (6GB VRAM)
Memory: 12GB out of 32GB available


I've not been able to reliably get this bug to occur, but it seems as though if I have Photoshop in the background, it may decide that the program is unable to recognise the GPU and defaults to CPU - one which does not have Integrated Graphics and is therefore bad for anything. This is more prone to happening if I need multiple programs open such as Illustrator and InDesign - these are necessary and cannot be closed due to workflow. Upon checking CPU Compatibility, it tells me everything is in the clear, drivers are fully updated (Studio, not Game Ready), and Performance is able to recognise the GPU. What it's unable to do, however, is maintain this on the currently-open document, often lagging before returning with poor rendering quality and the rulers temporarily blacked-out.


The second issue often happens after the first. When attempting to draw again on the program, for as long as my cursor is holding down (mouse or graphics tablet), pixels may either suddenly change colour or refuse to draw until release. For example, if I'm drawing black, the program may decide to draw red pixels at random intervals.


I've done all I can to make sure everything is up to date, and I also tried to fiddle with the settings to fix it, but I cannot fix this problem. Changing to Basic is a no-go due to missing features, changing to CPU is out of the question due to lack of rendering capability, and any solution that involves "Restart Photoshop" is only going to work until the root bug comes back again. Checking Event Viewer, there are no errors or warnings present about the GPU or Photoshop.

Bug Unresolved






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